The Courting of Wolves

A long standing love-hate War/Romance between Drial Adrente and Chiara Drew, which started off as a violent dispute regarding the territory on the borders of their respective domains.

- Drial’s wife, Gaur Reinhold, was poisoned;
- she didn’t die…
- …but the poison first paralysed her and then made her appear to have passed into premature Solace;
- she was poisoned by Chiara Drew…
- …for the sole purpose of drawing Drial’s attention to her;
- it eventually lead to a Duel at the next althua
- …which she won…
- …and then failed to romance him;
- Drial later built his wife a Shrine;

- when Lura Thorne got involved in the secret war, he defeated Chiara in a one-on-one duel;
- she was impressed with the fierceness of her enemies;
- her forces were then driven out of Drial’s old lands…
- …but she managed to hold the Castle and lock it in a siege;
- when Fyllyn Tora Q’n (the younger brother of Ythel Q’n) got involved in the fight, his forces were obliterated;
- Lura attacked Chiara’s defenceless lands and took some over…
- …and at some point managed to sneak into her castle and have tea without her ever knowing;
- during the siege of Chiara’s castle, Drial started a Romance with her;
- his first task was to give up the battle;
- and hers after completing it was to bring her Tora Q’n’s head;
- Chiara’s lands now belong to R’shana Sarrare Q’n, vassal to Lura Thorne;

- Lura Thorne’s opera at the Althua Ao Avirexai depicted this great war and Romance of the two Wolves;
- they duelled at this party…
- because Drial demanded of her that she teaches him something new about swordplay;
- after fulfilling this, she challenged him to ask her for marriage;

The Courting of Wolves

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