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  • Drial Adrente

    Full name: Drial - 'I am a friend' (Shanina) - 'The roots of the tallest tree' Adrente - 'I am my weapon' Son of [[:aondra-adrente | Aondra Adrente]] Brother of [[:dalira-adrente | Dalira Adrente]]

  • Kyocera Mwrr

    Kyocera (I cannot be known) Gryndil (illuminating the darkness) Mwrr (servant of the undergod) With two older brothers who are blooded of the falcon I chose to break away from that side of the family and devote myself to the art of sorcery. My family …

  • Ul Yvarai

    Ul Gryndil Yvarai is a son of a Fox and a Falcon. His mother the Fox was a Marquis. He has two surviving siblings - an older sister, [[:shara-yvarai | Rhushva Shara Yvarai]] and a younger brother. He is a typical Fox, Art lover and quite the womanizer.

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