Yvenna Steele


Yvenna has the dark complexion and long curling hair of her people. She has naturally large eyes and long lashes, and her striking light irises provide a beautiful contrast to her warm brown skin.
However, her eyes are too close together and her nose too long and sharp to be considered truly beautiful – at least by Venn standards. Rather, she is handsome in a slightly angular way. She rarely smiles, although she is much more attractive when she chooses to do so.


Yvenna was born to Rhushva Streac Mwrr and Yolenda Steele, the fifth and last child of the line. Her elder siblings have all since died of various causes, leaving her the sole bearer of the family bloodline. It is rumoured by some that her maternal line is cursed – her aunt has no known children, and all four of her mother’s sons have died either in childbirth or early infancy. Of course, it is not said to the family’s faces, since her father is an ambitious and at times brutal man whose Wolf bloodline seems to shine through despite his Serpent clan affiliation. As such, the expectation to succeed from her parents has been considerable, turning a once light hearted and happy child into a cold and calculating young woman.

Yvenna controls the land of Asakar Peak from the coast line all the way in to the mountain range, having ‘inherited’ it from its previous owner. She is recently married to a young man of the Falcon clan- as yet they have no children. She does not dislike her husband, although she does not feel any particular affection for him either. He will be useful as needed.

Unlike many other Venn, Yvenna is not a romantic individual. Her heart has been hardened by her demanding childhood and she is not easily swayed by the emotional appeals and persuasion of others. Some see this as a challenge, although despite her youth she has so far not been moved. Whilst she may not be romantic however, that does not mean that she will never be inclined to seek revenge. She is also ambitious, although she prefers to act slowly and deliberately using others as needed, rather than through impulse and emotion. She is aware of her youth and her martial inability and is not so foolish as to provoke a fight she knows she can’t win.

Yvenna Steele

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