Ul Yvarai


Bear Strenght – 0
Elk Cunning – 4
Falcon Courage – 2
Fox Beauty – 4
Serpent Wisdom – 2
Wolf Prowess – 3

Devotions: Talia Yvarai 2
Tyan Bran 1

Public – Ul (spiced wine)
Secret – Gryndil (illuminating the darkness)
Family – Yvarai

Court Gossip – Invoke – bonus when trying to pry information from somebody through a friendly conversation
Tag – Tends to say too much
Compel – Say inappropriate things in inappropriate situations
Invoke – bonus when trying to seduce a married person
tag – having trouble seducing people, who aren’t married
compel – has to try to seduce a married person whenever possible

Family Aspect
Risks involving seduction are both invoke and a tag
compel – gets easily distracted.


Ul Gryndil Yvarai is a son of a Fox and a Falcon. His mother the Fox was a Marquis. He has two surviving siblings – an older sister, Rhushva Shara Yvarai and a younger brother. He is a typical Fox, Art lover and quite the womanizer.

Ul Yvarai

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