Kyocera Mwrr

A sneaky sorcerer serpent


Bear’s strength 0
Elk’s cunning 3
Falcon’s courage 2
Fox’s beauty 2
Serpent’s wisdom 5
Wolf’s prowess 3


Obsessed Sorcerer

invoke: bonus to artifact recognition
tag: too weak for physical risks
compel: learn more about sorcery, ignore everything else

I know what is best…

invoke: persuasion boost
tag: disadvantage when questioned
compel: tell people what they should do


Invoke to discover secrets
tag: advantage on anything other than books
compel to enforce cryptic reputation


Kyocera (I cannot be known)
Gryndil (illuminating the darkness)
Mwrr (servant of the undergod)

With two older brothers who are blooded of the falcon I chose to break away from that side of the family and devote myself to the art of sorcery. My family history is …intriguing to say the least, a common side effect of a life centred on sorcery. My mentor passed into Solace several years ago after a lifetime practising the forbidden art of sorcery. In his youth he even “cursed” my grandparents to lose all children to the serpents (worked out ok for me). I do miss his advice in the matters of sorcery but a part of me can’t help but wonder what effect certain rituals would have on him. Who knows! it may lead to a great breakthrough in understanding solace or at the very least I would be able to ask nicely before “borrowing” that fake leg of his…

My domain is modest although all of the essentials are covered, food from the farm, herbs from the swamp, a steady supply of peasants and of course the ruins of the old castle. Occasionally I will get a request from a villager with ambitions of a greater lot in life (wanting to work in the castle… the arrogance) I tell them to bring me the serpents eye, an magical emerald formed by a ritual performed by my great grandfather said to be kept in the tallest tower of the old castle. Of course it is only me that says that and if one of them ever returns from the ruins angry and/or confused I could hazard a guess as to why…

Kyocera Mwrr

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