Karr Mwrr


- he had an affair with his son’s wife;
- and a Romance with Shara Yvarai
- he had a Puzzle House in his Province;
- he was cursed by Kyocera Mwrr
- …who is not really his son…
- …to never be able to have sex in the same bed twice;

- had an affair with Dyanna Steele
- his invitation for Shara’s althua was found alongside The Mysterious Letter.

- had a Blooded of the Bear court Scholar…
- …who had a Bloodsword…
- …and apparently killed him at a hunt held by Chiara Drew
- …and was executed for it;

- in reality, Karr survived and hid in the wilderness…
- …where he is the Earl of the veiled House of Spider;
- he sent a letter addressed to Shara Yvarai which many nobles visiting Davfanna Aldrena have received;
- the letter spoke of some conspiracy in cryptic clues, vague threats and incriminating secrets about her past;
- it also included mentions of his wife, of Lura Thorne’s mother Laura and Dyanna Steele among others;
- he seems to have abducted Shara at the time, brainwashed her through some Sorcery and used her to attempt to further his own goals;


The brother of Aondra, Streac, Fallyr and Thrye. Son of unnamed Bear and Wolf.

Bear’s Strength ?
Elk’s Cunning ?
Falcon’s Courage ?
Fox’s Beauty 4
Serpent’s Wisdom ?
Wolf’s Prowess ?

Karr Mwrr

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