Fyx Thorne

'I am alive'


- genuinely loves his wife, although it is currently unrequited
- weakness in Cunning
- only child of his direct line

husband to Yvenna Steele


Fyx is a genuinely good man, a rare thing among Ven society. He is kind and generous and loves his wife, although she may not return his affection. He also has a real sense of adventure as is befitting for one of his house, enjoying hunting and outdoor pursuits. As such, he accompanies Yvenna to parties where such events may occur – he wants to believe this is because she is also a kind person who cares about the things he enjoys, although in reality it is likely just a strategy to gain connections amongst those who enjoy similar pursuits. After all, she never takes him to the entirely political events,

Since his injury he has been staying at home in Yvenna’s lands to recover. He is determined to be involved in raising his children, as much as it may be uncommon among Venn society, after spending much of his own childhood alone. He is also well liked by the peasants of the lands for his more down-to-earth approach.

Fyx Thorne

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