Ohlrex Bowen Drew, Duke of Arsheneil

"You Won't See My Blade Coming"


- he really likes to best his peers in Sword and words alike;
- was caught disrespecting Lady Shara Yvarai’s Hospitality by engaging in adultery in the Lady’s own bed with one of her Vassals;
- his wife was possessed when she murdered Dyanna Steele;
- he doesn’t bother to carry a sword;
- a dagger covered in red was found in his possession by Yvenna Steele;


Bear’s Strength ?
Elk’s Cunning ?
Falcon’s Courage ?
Fox’s Beauty 3
Serpent’s Wisdom ?
Wolf’s prowess ?

You what mate?
Invoke: Bowen is surprisingly good at a Game of Insults. He can invoke this Aspect for 3 dice.
Tag: ?
Compel: ?

1 Style Point

Ohlrex Bowen Drew, Duke of Arsheneil

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