Ynara Steele




Ynara is the eldest surviving child of her matrilineal line. She has only one other sibling, sister Sorsha Steele. It is rumoured that this particular branch of the Steele household has been cursed to only have daughters survive. Ynara herself has only one surviving daughter, with her four older sons all having died before adulthood. Given how brutally efficient and brilliant the family’s daughters have turned out to be however, it can be questioned whether this is a curse.

Ynara has always been ruthlessly ambitious, much like all the women of her line. She has clawed her way up from Baron to Marquis, and has her eyes fixed on Dukedom. Outwardly, Ynara has a long standing public feud with her younger sister which means they are never present at the same parties. Behind closed doors however, the two are thick as thieves and working hard to achieve control over their house. The feud is just a ruse that has allowed Sorsha access to the highest echelons of the house, enabling Ynara to benefit from the information that passes down from behind closed doors.

Ynara gets on surprisingly well with her husband, weathering his moods and using his Wolf-like nature to her best advantage. She is always surprised that he chose to become a Serpent, but accepts his decisions – after all, his Serpent connections give her information, and his Wolfish military approach gives her power.

Ynara Steele

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