Shara Yvarai

"Veiled Rose"


- she had a Romance with Karr Mwrr and had one with the murdered Dyanna Steele;
- she owns lands and a grand castle North of Aondra Adrente’s domain;
- her brother is Ul Yvarai;
- her dresses would put Talia’s priestesses to shame;
- she’d once asked Kyocera Mwrr to curse someone;
- she owns flocks of peacocks, trained to be completely loyal to her;

- she and her mother Shanyqua became social outcasts as a result of their involvement of the events in Davfanna Aldrena and the rumours that followed Gryndil Mwrr’s death;
- she blamed Kyocera Mwrr for everything that happened;
- she eventually abandoned all her lands and vassals…
- …and sought out the House of Spider…
- …to join their ranks;
- Shara’s Vassals turned to Lura, Kyocera and Yvenna for protection;
- the Senate never sanctioned Shara’s Revenge against Kyocera Mwrr;
- through clever alliances, networking and weaponised gossip, her brother got out of this witchhunt unscathed and his reputation didn’t suffer;
- in fact, some of her vassals did decide to pledge allegiance to Ul;
- due to this scandal and many other extended family members getting drawn into this and other shameful rumours, Yvarai is no longer the dominant family in the House of Fox;


Bear’s Strength ?
Elk’s Cunning ?
Falcon’s Courage ?
Fox’s Beauty 4
Serpent’s Wisdom ?
Wolf’s prowess 3

Courtly Manners
Invoke: Shara can invoke this aspect when knowledge of etiquette comes in handy;
Tag: The secret language of ritualised smiles and gestures often betrays her – she is especially easy to read in formal setting.
Compel: But of course she’ll follow the etiquette.

Shara Yvarai

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