Dyanna Steele


- murdered at Shara’s Althua and animated by Kyocera Mwrr that same night;
- because of the later events, her body is desacrated and grievously wounded, but still moving (until the end of Spring);
- her body was found with not a single drop of blood inside it;
- and pierced with a needle-like blade through the heart;
- an evening dress with wine stain was waiting in her chambers;
- she was Shara’s lover;
- Drial was once hunting with her;
- she was middle-aged, influential and dominant;
- she has a twin, Mora Steele;
- she was Yvenna Steele’s good friend;

- not all the writing in her diary was written by her hand…
- …the rest seems to be written by a man, a jealous lover;
- she was unhappy towards the end of her life;
- she overheard people talking about a ritual;

- had an affair with Karr Mwrr.


Dyanna Steele

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