Chiara Drew


- she is in her Spring;
- she’s recently taken some of Drial Adrente’s lands;
- she won a duel against Bowen Drew at Shara Yvarai’s Spring althua;
- she is a widow…
- …and was pregnant when her first husband died.

- she’s fought Drial Adrente in The Courting of Wolves
- …then poisoned his wife…
- …then engaged in a Romance with him…
- …then turned it into a Liaison…
- …then married him just before it became scandalous;


Niece of Ohlrex Bowen Drew, she has her uncle’s fiery temperament.
Owns Weapons (1), Spices (1), Crossbow (2), Saddle (1) and a Brooch (3).

No challenge shall go unanswered
Invoke: When challenged, Chiara delivers. She gains 3 dice when dared to do something.
Tag: She often lacks the drive to carry out the goals she set for herself. She can be tagged when she’s trying to further her own agenda.
Compel: No challenge shall go unanswered.

He belongs to me and me only
Invoke: She gains dice when she wants to hurt Drial Adrente
Tag: She cares little for her own safety when he’s around
Compel: Nobody else is allowed to harm him, she’ll protect Drial from others

Chiara Drew

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